Between 1940 and 1970, master photographer Francis Wolff was in the studio for every Blue Note recording session and create a master archive documenting some of the most important and influential music of the 20th century. Mosaic Images is making over 2400 of Wolff’s best images available for licensing in the print and video media. For information and rates, please click here.

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How Licensing images Works with mosaic images

Mosaic Images offers Editorial Licenses based on Size, Circulation, Term & Territory.

*Additional custom licenses and commercial packages available upon request*

How To Select Images & Contact for Pricing

  1. DISCOVER IMAGES - Look through the collection of images below and find your favorite image to license

  2. COLLECT PHOTO CODES - Gather SKU code from image title and contact us via email or phone call

  3. CONTACT FOR PRICING - Give image SKU code to our representatives who will give you a pricing chart and instructions on how to obtain your licensed image(s)


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We needed some iconic jazz pictures for our website, and Mosaic provided beautiful colorful images that took us back in time. They have an amazing selection!
— Dorothy L.