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A Modern Jazz Collection Of Photographs

Mosaic Images has curated the Francis Wolff photo collection since 1992, identifying and archiving over 20,000 images taken at hundreds of Blue Note sessions between 1940 and 1970. At last this website now displays over 2800 images from this historic time. Images are available for licensing and a selected number of prime images can be purchased as fine art prints. Archival quality prints, available only through us, come in four sizes and are made to order with utmost attention to detail and quality.


Custom Prints for Licensing

Over 2400 black and white and 300 color photographs by Francis Wolff have been scanned and now are on display on our website and available to license. Many of these photos remain unpublished while others have been published in various LP and CD packages, in documentary films and in magazines and newspapers around the world.

Shop Prints from the source

These prints are among the most dramatic and iconic images that Francis Wolff shot. Available in three sizes, they are printed to order from high resolution scans of the original negatives on rag or lustre paper.

Music History & Jazz Legacy

Mosaic Records was launched in 1983 to create deluxe limited edition boxed sets that would forever change the landscape of reissues in the record industry. After working with Alfred and Ruth Lion selecting various Wolff images for various Mosaic booklets, the company created Mosaic Images to archive and curate the Francis Wolff collection for boxed set editions and to create a book of his photography.


the Jazz GAZETTE


Mosaic Records History & Legacy

Mosaic Records, launched in 1983 by producer/journalist Michael Cuscuna and musician/record executive Charles Lourie, was created to release boxed sets of major jazz artists in a definitive way. The sets come with complete recordings, newly transferred and in chronological order, and a booklet that contained rare photos with thoroughly researched discographies and authoritative essays. In 1992, they expanded their purview by acquiring the Francis Wolff archives which contained thousands of photographs from historic Blue Note recording sessions. Since then, six books have been published and Mosaic Images has participated in dozens of exhibitions throughout the world.

Michael’s Story

Michael’s Story

Mosaic Records History

Mosaic Records History

Fine Art Prints

License Images

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Francis Wolff Bio



Mosaic Images offers unique items like archival prints from the ‘60s or entire contact sheets from a session containing 12 images in the order in which they were taken. Contact sheets show the photographer’s thought process and how he arrived at his final best image.